English Spanish Travel Phrases Video, Audio and Book

English Spanish Travel Phrases

English and Spanish Traveler Phrases is must-have if you’re planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country. You will receive the following:

5 English to Spanish MP4’s
5 Spanish to English MP4’s
5 English to Spanish MP3’s
5 Spanish to English MP3’s
5 English to Spanish PowerPoint files and Word files
5 Spanish to English PowerPoint files and Word files
Get all the key phrases you need to know for your basic needs while traveling in Spain: basic conversation, medical issues, restaurant and dining, shopping, and travel. No matter what kind of learning you prefer, you can get it all in this handy resource.

Plus, if you like to resell this resource, you get high-quality 3D eCovers, Google Adwords-friendly banner ads, and a custom-made “Buy Now” button.

If you have customers interested in travel or foreign language, “English and Spanish Traveler Phrases” is a must-buy. Or better yet, just get it for yourself!

Format: MP4, MP3, PDF
Size: 106,7 MB
Date: 06 Apr 2012


English Spanish Travel Phrases Video, Audio and Book

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