TOTAL B1 Preliminary NOW!

TOTAL B1 Preliminary NOW! PDF,MP3 Revised for 2020For a complete preparation for the new B1 Preliminary exam Total B1 Preliminary Now! Prepares the student for both the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary standard certification and the for Schools version, with a view to the new exam which will come into effect in 2020. It can also … Read more

English for Presentations

English for Presentations PDF,MP3 is the perfect fast course for professionals who want to provide shows in English. may be accomplished in 25-30 hours, so college students make progress rapidly. Palms-on duties permit college students to make use of new language instantly.How can or not it’s used? As a stand-alone, brief, intensive course.For self-study, utilizing … Read more

Using Arabic: A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Using Arabic: A Guide to Contemporary Usage PDF This guide to Arabic usage for intermediate-level students wishing to extend their knowledge of the language focuses on Modern Standard Arabic. A vocabulary chapter shows which words are current and appropriate to different registers, while a grammar chapter offers an overview of Arabic grammar with modern-day examples. … Read more

1000 phrasal verbs in context

1000 phrasal verbs in context PDF A list of 1000 common English phrasal verbs for ESL learners with sample sentences, exercises and answers. This guide for intermediate to advanced students by Matt Errey contains 1,000 phrasal verbs with 2,000 example sentences plus 1,000 quiz questions and answers. Designed to help learners of English improve their … Read more

Précis de grammaire pour les concours

Précis de grammaire pour les concours PDF En colère du service cassant que pommette l’précepte de la avancée, la création aux échecs (écrites et orales) de la grammaire créateur se révèle, pour énormément de candidats aux CAPES et aux agrégations, essentiellement effilée. Ce matériel est enregistré plus l’machine permis de les concourir à surmonter l’problème … Read more

Basic Skills for the TOEFL iBT 3 Writing

Basic Skills for the TOEFL iBT 3 Writing PDF,MP3 Basic Skills for the TOEFL iBT is a 3-level, 12-book take a look at preparation sequence designed for beginning-level college students of the TOEFL iBT. Every stage consists of 4 books: Studying, Listening, Talking, and Writing. Over the course of the sequence, college students construct on … Read more

Business Advantage Upper-intermediate

Business Advantage Upper-intermediate PDF,MP3,MP4 Business Advantage is the course for college and in-company learners, equipping them with the language they want to achieve a enterprise setting.Business Advantage is predicated on a novel syllabus that mixes present enterprise principle, enterprise in apply and enterprise expertise – all introduced utilizing genuine, skilled enter.The course accommodates particular business-related … Read more

Essential Japanese Vocabulary: Learn to Avoid Common (and Embarrassing!) Mistakes

Essential Japanese Vocabulary: Learn to Avoid Common (and Embarrassing!) Mistakes PDF  Essential Japanese Vocabulary teaches all the Japanese grammar you need to speak and understand simple spoken Japanese. It covers only what is essential which provides an efficient way for learners who have limited time to gain basic proficiency and begin to communicate naturally with … Read more