English-Chinese Mini Dictionary

English-Chinese Mini Dictionary 

English-Chinese Mini Dictionary for Chinese: Learn English in Mandarin anywhere with smartphone, tablet, etc!

Learn English in Mandarin anywhere with smartphone, tablet, etc

This book lists approximately 4,800 core English words with standard Chinese (Mandarin) equivalents including standard American pronunciation. Main entries are in English alphabetically with standard American pronunciation with focus on stressed syllable*in bold print.. In the next line, pasts of speech label ([n.] for nouns and [v.] for verbs) and the entry’s Chinese equivalents in Pinyin (Romanized standard Chinese pronunciation) followed by Chinese characters (both simplified and traditional if applicable).

This book is ideal for learners of English as a second language who want to communicate more effectively and also for learners of Chinese who know English.


cave [keiv]

[n.] dòng xué 洞穴

cavity [kævəti]

[n.] zhù yá 蛀牙 (蛀牙)

cedar [si:dər]

[n.] shān 杉

ceiling [si:liŋ]

[n.] tiān huā bǎn 天花板

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