Developing Chinese Elementary Listening Course Audio (2nd Edition)

Developing Chinese Elementary Listening Course Audio (2nd Edition) MP3

Developing Chinese (2nd Version) is a set of nationally deliberate textbook for increased schooling throughout the “Eleventh 5-12 months”. Based mostly on the well-designed construction of the primary version, this version provides extra components in tune with the occasions. It consists of 28 volumes with altogether 34 books.
Combining the cultivation of built-in language abilities with the coaching of particular language abilities in its compilation, this set of textbooks could be divides into three ranges (elementary, intermediate and superior) and 5 collection (complete, listening, talking, studying and writing), amongst which the excellent collection is the majority and the others are the accompanying collection. The general objective is to develop and enhance the scholars’ Chinese language abilities, Chinese communication abilities, built-in Chinese capabilities in addition to improve their curiosity and talent in studying Chinese.

Lesson 1. Hello. Lesson 16. I want to give him a present.
Lesson 2. What country are you from? Lesson 17. I am doing well with speaking and listening.
Lesson 3. What is your name? Lesson 18. I spent 4 hours on the Internet.
Lesson 4. Are you learning French? Lesson 19. Heating has not been repaired yet.
Lesson 5. How many people do you have in your family? Lesson 20. Fast food can be delivered to your home.
Lesson 6. How much is 0.5 kg of bananas? Lesson 21. I put the bag on the table.
Lesson 7. Where is the Bank of China located? Lesson 22. My bike is red.
Lesson 8. What is the date today? Lesson 23. It has suddenly become cold this winter.
Lesson 9. What are your plans for today? Lesson 24. Mom sent me a present.
Lesson 10. Are you busy this Sunday? Lesson 25. I don’t understand what they are saying.
Lesson 11. I eat in the school cafeteria. Lesson 26. Christmas is coming.
Lesson 12. Do you want tea or coffee? Lesson 27. I watch TV.
Lesson 13. I have already moved. Lesson 28. The Great Wall of China is more than 8850 kilometers long.
Lesson 14. I bought one sweater. Lesson 29. The party was very successful.
Lesson 15. Can students earn extra money? Lesson 30. I was an English teacher.

Information: You will find a tutorial, and not a piece of something, make a release with this audio.

Format: MP3
Size:165.5 MB
Series: Developing Chinese
Edition: 2nd Edition


Developing Chinese Elementary Listening Course Audio (2nd Edition) MP3

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